What Do I Do If Someone Is Parked In My Private Car Space

Car Spaces are classified as a private lot, titled to your apartment. Guidelines If someone has parked in your car space. Place a notice on the vehicle explaining that this is your private car space and to please move this vehicle ASAP (generally this works the first time withing 24 hours ) Park you car […]

Owner Responsibility for Apartment Doors & Smoke Detectors Inside Private Lot apartments

Owners Responsibility for Apartment Doors & Smoke Detectors  Inside  Private Lots Apartment solid core doors Apartment doors are classified as solid core doors that need to be maintained for  occupancy permit compliance purposes. The apartment private lot owner must maintain these doors and ensure the below * No holes or peep holes are drilled into the solid core apartment […]

Emergency Control & Mobility Impaired Persons

Emergency Control & Mobility Impaired Persons As part of the emergency control and organisational procedures, it is important the building manager be notified of any impaired or immobile persons living here at Tip Top. Please inform me via email if you have difficulties with mobility or impairment. Your contact will be placed in the […]

Getting Guests Up To Apartments Via Intercom/Lifts

Operating Apartment intercoms To get your guests up to your apartment , The guest will have to buzz your apartment number then press the bell key at the foyer of your building. Once a call has been placed to your intercom handset you will have to press the key symbol located on the phone base. To […]

Vegetable Garden & Sustainability At Tip Top

  Tip Top has great sustainability aspects. Reuse water. All storm water from balconies  & common areas is collected and used for irrigation. A bio filter and a water garden circulates and filters this reused water. Rooftops collect all water for toilet flushing in the Silo building consisting of 167 apartments.   Solar hot water  plant. […]

Listing A Defect That Is Inside your Apartment

Listing A Defect That Is Inside Your Apartment Inside your apartment is a private lot . Persons responsible for the insides of your private lot are : If you are a tenant  = The real estate agent . If you are an owner = You are responsible .   The defect liability period has ended for all buildings at […]

Storage Cage, Bike Rack Property Protection & Crime Prevention

Storage Cage & Bike Rack Property Protection   Bike Racks & Stores To get into a bike store  or common area storage cage simply use your apartment key. Bike racks are in various secure locations here at Tip Top. Please ask your agent or the Building Manager for these locations. Be cautious when storing your […]

Internet/NBN & Phone

Phone and Internet
Brunswick East is on the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Please contact any NBN provider of your choice to connect your phone and internet.

No Cooper lines are available to Tip Top or in the area of Brunswick East any longer.

Locked Yourself Out Of Your Apartment?

If you find yourself locked out of an apartment please call Wynns locksmiths, Wynns is the locksmiths that created the registered key system here at Tip Top and they will be able to help you get into the building and then into your apartment. Wynns has access to the building please call Wynns should you lock […]