Owner Responsibility for Apartment Doors & Smoke Detectors Inside Private Lot apartments

Owners Responsibility for Apartment Doors & Smoke Detectors  Inside  Private Lots

Apartment solid core doors

Apartment doors are classified as solid core doors that need to be maintained for  occupancy permit compliance purposes.

The apartment private lot owner must maintain these doors and ensure the below

* No holes or peep holes are drilled into the solid core apartment doors.

* The door and hardware is in good working order.

* The door closer is set to shut the door every time and the door closer is affixed securely with no screws or bolts missing . Ensure the arm bolt is attached.

*Hinges are not missing any screws.

*No signs or items are to be affixed to the outside of apartment doors.

Smoke detector maintenance and replacement.

Smoke detectors should be cleaned and checked by a professional on a yearly basis.

If the detector is needing replacement the owner must employ an Electrician. The identical detector must be replaced like for like. The smoke detectors are connected to the main buildings fire system. If the detector is replaced with a different style or model this will damage the main fire system .Should this happen the private lot owner will have to pay for the damages as it will be detected on the fire panel where the fault has come from.


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