What Do I Do If Someone Is Parked In My Private Car Space

Car Spaces are classified as a private lot, titled to your apartment.

Guidelines If someone has parked in your car space.

  • Place a notice on the vehicle explaining that this is your private car space and to please move this vehicle ASAP (generally this works the first time withing 24 hours )
  • Park you car outside on the street or in the parking spaces provided on the ground floor(all spaces at Tip Top are reserved in the basement) public paid car park spaces can be used for a small ticket fee.
  • Should the vehicle in your space not move after 24 hours place a second notice on the vehicle stating you will  take further action and possibly have the vehicle removed if it is not moved immediately.

Please note, removing a vehicle is at your own risk and responsibility. The Owners Corporation will not be evolved in this process as car spaces are private lots titled to the apartment listed on the space. The Owners Corporation look after the common areas only.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Recommended  preventative measures to stop people parking in your space are – 1 Signage on your space  stating that the space is reserved no trespassing, 2 witches hat in the middle of the space. 3 collapsible lockable bollard. Any one of these three items usually stop people parking in your space.

These measures have been used by many other residents and it proves to be very effective.

Please refer to local council website, council bi laws and Consumer affairs recommendations  for other options that you may be able to explore if you are experiencing a vehicle parking in your car space that will not move.

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