Resident Information

Introduction To The Building Manager

The Building Manager Sebastian Golotta welcomes you all to Tip Top.

The Building Managers role here at Tip Top is to manage all common areas,  cleaners , caretakers, contractors , essential safety measures, maintenance and compliance.

Contact the building manager

Mobile 0499 800 401



Hours of Operation 

The building manager is available during standard business hours Monday to Friday.

After hours common area emergencies only.

The building managers phone is on 24/7 for emergencies only, Please ring the phone several times and leave a message for urgent common area emergencies after hours.

If the building manager is out of service un available or busy please leave a message or email and you will be contacted back  as soon as practicable.


Internal Of Private lots the internals of private lots is classified as your own private property. Consulting your agent or welcome pack and apartment manual is recommended for any internal issues.

If a common area service or base building service is effecting the functionality of your apartment you will need to contact the service provider and the building manager.



Mail Delivery

Mailboxes for all lots are located at the front foyer of every Building.

To ensure that your mail is delivered to you correctly please advise your address as being:

Your Name
Apt [insert apartment number]


Stables      185 Weston Street

Seeds         172 Edward Street

Silo West  176  Edward Street

Silo East   182 Edward Street

Rye Lofts  178 Edward Street

Malt            187 Weston Street

Grain          189 Weston street
Brunswick  East  Vic 3057

Australia Post will have access to the foyers to directly deliver mail to your mailbox.

Please Note:  Delivery drivers from external providers will not have access into the foyer. Residents will be required to make alternative arrangements for deliveries.

Visitor Car Parking

Please be advised that there is no visitor’s car parking available in the Tip Top car park.

Visitors to building who require parking will need to use a private car park belonging to the apartment they are visiting or seek alternative parking on the street.


 Smoke Detectors

If you set a smoke detector off in your apartment by accident please make sure that you do not open the door to the common area corridor as this will set the fire alarms off and start a building evacuation .

The best thing to do if a smoke detector goes into alarm is stop the smoke by removing the heat or unplug the appliance.

Open the balcony door to let fresh air in, Fan the detector with a tea towel or news paper to stop the alarming sound.

Please remember Do not open your front door to allow smoke in the common corridor.

Be sure to keep the batteries refreshed every 12 months,

A smoke detector is a life safety system .


Please check back here  on the website often for up to date information relating to life at the Tip Top Site.