The Utilities here at tip top are unique ,

We do not have gas here on this site.

Origin Centralised Hot water

Centralised hot water is supplied by Origin only.

The way this system operates is it supplies hot water from an Origin plant set up on the roof to all individual apartments.

You are billed for each litre that goes through your meter .

The meters are in the celling of the corridorĀ and are read electronically.

Below is the information to connect your hot water with Origin only

Origin information 09.04.14

OC Energy Electricity

OC energy Provides Power to all apartments in TipTop.

This is an imbedded network.

Below is the information to connect your power with OC energy

New customer application form – residential

Frequently Asked Questions

Yarra Valley Water

Yarra valley water supplies all cold water to Tip Top

Please contact Yarra Valley with your correct address of your individual building.

Please note there is no gas Supplied to Tip Top